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Friday, May 6, 2011

Will Osama Help Obama?

Without a doubt, the most significant event of the week was the announcement of Obama’s death at the hand of the American Forces.  After ten long years, the individual responsible for 9/11 was finally found and shot.  This represents a great victory for the United States in its war against terrorism, and the news has been welcomed by the American people.
Indeed, Obama’s approval ratings went up, many media outlets, including Hannity on Fox News, entertained a positive coverage on the event and what it means to the USA.  Now I’m wondering whether this positive spirit will last.  Will Obama continue to benefit from that unexpected turn of events, or is it temporary?
If you would have asked me that question six months ago, I would have said this is temporary.  But given the unveiling of Obama’s long form birth certificate, and simultaneously Trump’s demise, I feel like the combination of the two may put Obama into a good position for 2012.  We shall keep a close eye on those poles.


  1. The long-awaited death of O[s]ama has definitely raised support and approval of president obama. All of the aforementioned events have no doubt ensured that the president will certainly enjoy this support and approval for a long time to come, and that Donald Trump's political career will be another "road to nowhere". However,Ben, I think you forgot the most significant (or insignificant) factors in the donald's political demise, if not Obama's rise in popularity: the 2011 White House Correspondents Dinner, specifically Seth Meyers and Obama's 20 minute speeches, during which the president showed his comedic talents and Seth Meyers gave a few amusing jokes that further derided Trump's campaign. Follow the links below or search youtube to see for yourself, and enjoy the show.

  2. Thank you very much for sending those links. I didn't get the chance to watch Seth Meyers speech yet, so I am about to watch those.

  3. Good points. Your probably right, but at the same time, i remember when Bush was riding high right after the capture of Saddam Hussein, and even though he won, that was a nonfactor. granted Osama is a bigger fish to fry than Saddam, but as this news subsides and people become for economically focused, we'll see how much of an osama bounce obama maintains

  4. Everyone here has made some solid points. While it's true that the concept of "what have you done for me lately" may push this incident out of the way by time the election comes about, I really believe that Osama Bin Laden's death is simply too big for that. Since 9/11, the country has never received full closure, never been able to feel like we captured or killed the man responsible for the most devastating occurrence in our recent history. With that said, I believe that is a tremendous political boost the Obama campaign.

  5. i definitely think this will affect Obama in his 2012 campaign. First of all, anytime you bring up the fact that Osama Ben Laden is dead, most Americans are filled with joy. Secondly, watch this video of The Daily Show, John Stewart brings up a good point...